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“Both my husband and I had LASIK eye surgery at Vermont Laser Vision and our only regret is we didn’t do it sooner. Dr. McCormick and his team were amazing throughout the entire process and we are both thrilled with the results. Waking up in the morning and being able to see without contacts or glasses after 25 years of needing corrective vision is amazing. We have recommended Dr. McCormick to many people and will continue to do so. A huge thanks to the team that worked with both of us!”


“I had a wonderful experience with the team at Vermont Laser Vision. From my first inquiry and a quick response from Sam, to my many encounters with the staff and Dr. McCormick– I only had positive interactions. Dr. McCormick was very reserved and patient with my plan of care, which comforted me knowing that he had my best interest in mind. The actual surgery, days leading up, and days following went as expected, and I knew the team was just a phone call away if I need assistance. My life is forever changed now that I can see clearly without the use of contacts or glasses. Thanks so much, Vermont Laser Vision!”


“I had LASIK eye surgery at Vermont Laser Vision and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I wish I had done it sooner! My wife and brother-in-law also used Vermont Laser Vision after my positive experience. Dr. McCormick is a true professional. In addition to Dr. McCormick, the team he has around him is also great. Sam is a true pleasure to work with as well. She explained everything regarding my procedure and I found her to be incredibly easy and somewhat fun to deal with. My eyes feel much better than when I used to wear contacts. I would happily recommend Dr. McCormick to anyone looking to upgrade their eyes to “laser eyes”.


“I went from being considered legally blind to better than 20/20 vision and the day after surgery was one of the greatest days of my life!”


“I chose Vermont Laser Vision at Timber Lane mostly because of Dr. McCormick’s reputation. I have a Family member that knows him personally and he said everything here is great. The people are nice, the procedures are smooth, and I took his advice and it worked out great! My eyes were terrible before this, I’d get up at night and could hardly find my way to the bathroom. Now I am able to get up, read the alarm clock, see what time it is, and find my way around. I don’t have to worry about fumbling for my glasses or trying to put in my contacts.”


“I chose Vermont Laser Vision because of a recommendation from my eye doctor. Dr. McCormick was very informative about my procedure. I am more than pleased with the outcome of my surgery, I only wish that I had done it earlier! It was really moving to me the next morning when I opened my eyes after the procedure and I could see my alarm clock, which is on the other side of the room, without reaching for my glasses on the bed stand. I am able to swim now and not have to worry about blinking my contact out. My vision is a lot clearer when driving at night. It has been great!”


“When I first met with Dr. McCormick, I was very impressed with his professionalism and his attention to detail. He’s very kind in nature. He shook my hand and he made me feel very much at ease. Dr. McCormick’s experience and knowledge made me feel that I was in the right place. Vermont Laser Vision was the right choice for me.”

Amy D.

“The procedure itself was unbelievably quick. Less than a half an hour later I had finished the surgery. I was so pleased with the results from having LASIK that I recommended it to my two older sisters, who ended up having the surgery a month later.”

Amy L.

“It was easier than having a cavity filled at the dentist office.”


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